ECE 353 Week 5 Final Paper

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For more course tutorials visit Final Paper Chapter Twelve of your text identifies seven areas of cognitive development that have been addressed in this book:perception, language, memory, conceptual understanding, social cognition, problem solving, and academic skills. Table 12.1 of the chapter also identifies the eight themes of children’s thinking, in general, that have filtered throughout the course of this text. For your final paper you will select one area of cognitive development and analyze it through the lens of at least three of the themes outlined in table 12.1. Your final paper will be eight to ten pages in length (plus title and reference pages) and include the following components: § A description of your chosen area of cognitive development § A summary of the current knowledge that exists on your chosen themes § An analysis of the applicability of your findings to the differentiation of instruction for children of different needs and abilities § A discussion of the future issues that confront your chosen area of cognitive development and chosen themes. This is a research paper and must include at least four academic resources (in addition to your course text) that clearly demonstrate their relevance to your topic. These sources must be cited both within your paper and on your reference page using proper APA format.

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