Gymcare started its story as a fitness equipment company in Dubai and has subsequently gone on to be a major market force in this area. We are a very dynamic organization and our strength lies in the team that we have built over the years and the focus and energy of our leaders. These two elements in tandem make us the unique and forward thinking organization that we are today.

Our start and the establishment as a fitness equipment company provided us the perfect platform to be recognized as one of the best sporting distributors in the region. From fitness equipment’s we diversified into cycling solutions, sports training equipment’s, sports apparels, as well as a peak performance medical and retail division. These holistic approaches to sporting solutions make us a very unique company and we are unrivalled in this region in this aspect.

We are currently a market leader in the cycling market of this region, with exclusive dealership for some of the major brands in cycling. We have only been able to achieve this due to our undying commitment towards our customers and the relationships and the reputation that we have build up with the distributors over the years. We have always believed in providing quality service to our clients both pre-sale and post-sale and have very actively worked towards establishing a successful customer service program.

This approach has resulted in us being given international recognition from leading cycling brands who have entrusted us with the distribution of their products in this region. Our portfolio of cycling brands has now grown to include the biggest names in cycling on an international scale, covering every aspect of cycling at a comprehensive level. Our products are currently readily available in most of the biggest and best respected retail establishments across The UAE and beyond.