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The Hovering Thing-a-Majig 1.When you are first using the device make sure it if fully charged at 100% 2.Look at the indicator to find the percentage of the battery. 3.If charged fully, position the device under the object you want to hover. 4.Press the button on the bottom left of the device labeled “on”. 5.Adjust the knob labeled “height” to set how high the object will hover. 6.When the object is hovering the correct height do not move it from underneath the hovering object.   If you are having trouble with this device for example the power goes off maybe try charging the device. Then if the hovering thing -a-majig does not come on from charging it then hold down the power button for 5 seconds, it is supposed to reset. If it did not reset the device, then there will be a number on the side of the charging device you can call 325-695-1181 and ask for an operator. Tell them what is wrong and they will try there best to help you. The hovering device has a forum online at www.hovering where you can submit your problem to the community. The Hovering Thing-A-Majig is a circular device with a six inch diameter that assists in allowing other objects to hover. It is

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