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Hannah Mableson Graphic Designer LOVE

Hannah Mableson

Published on October 8, 2015

Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to work with highly skilled individuals with truly impressive and inspiring skill sets. As a graduate, I began my design career working across numerous internships, while also working on freelance projects. I have since gone on to full-time agency positions. Having worked within a variety of agencies in varying capacities, I have had a broad and diverse introduction to the world of design and communications, all whilst cultivating my own distinct style. I am now looking to broaden my horizons, relocating to the hustle and bustle of city life, where I hope to surround myself with inspirational people in an equally inspiring and fast-paced environment. I hope to continue to grow within an agency whose mission I feel I am well-placed to support, whilst consistently striving to expand my own creative vision.