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MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT OPENED By Ken Clark Well, seems like we have a new shop in town – The Mexican Food shop in Ganton. The new shop has been opened by two mexican brothers, which I never got a chance to meet them. But by my inside information, they are knoiwn by their lastname “Quintero”. The Quintero brothers have their food shop in Ganton, to be precise, in the Liverpool Rd. The traditional Mexican dish is common in these types of shops. DUDEFIX WORKERS AREN’T DOING THEIR JOB? By Ken Clark SAS WORKERS GETTING LOW PAY By Ken Clark The Los Santos citizens have pretty much noticed the problem, that the DudeFix employees aren’t doing their job for a while now. We talked to the owner of the DudeFix, and he says that he personally isn’t responsible for that kind of irresponsibillity. The “lazy” workers, as he said, will be punished by his side. The Sanitary Andreas workers in the city of Los Santos are starting to be unsatisfied with their pay. According to my internal info, they are gonna start a protest about raising their pays, since they cannot afford basic needs for their lives.