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Heather Buchfield

Published on December 3, 2014

2 30 October 2014 Mr. Jonathan Nashel Department Chair Indiana University South Bend 1700 W Mishawaka Ave South Bend, Indiana 46615 Dear Dr. Nashel, Here you will find a report that we have compiled evaluating the effectiveness of Indiana University South Bend’s Department of History website, which will include our findings on the website and our recommendations to help make your website more effective. Our goal for this project is to provide recommendations to the Department of History’s website manager. During our evaluation, we analyzed the website for content, repetition, and proximity. We found that the basic website content and proximity was good, but could use some improvement in the areas repetition and links. We have found that the Department of History’s website could be better served through updating some of the pages and links within the website. Indiana University South Bend’s Department of History has a lot of useful information and features on their website on degree requirements and useful information for students. We have concluded, however, that some of the features could stand out more and be more effective. The information in this report is based on a couple of helpful sources. These sources include: The Non- Designer’s Web Book , hand outs and links from our writing for the web class. Thank you for your consideration of this report. If you have any questions about our findings or recommendations, feel free to contacts us. We hope you find this report helpful and look forward to working with you. Sincerely, (My Partner) Heather Burchfield Table of Contents