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1 22 4 12 18 ABLE OF CONTENTS REDITS T Greetings 2 From BITA Betsy Wall: MOTT Pat Moscaritolo: GBCVB In the News 3 Caroline Kennedy: Fenway’s 100th Sergio O’Connor: Best Treatment Melissa McCarthy: World Champion Culture 4-9 Celtic Festival Circuit 4-5, 8 BITA Cultural Groups 6 BITA Cultural Venues 6 Intimacy of Small 7 Concert Venues Summer / Fall Festivals 8 Conan O’Brien at JFK Library 9 Hospitality Omni Baseball Package 10 BITA Hotels 10 Mass Cultural Calendar 12-13 June – October 2012 Pubs, Restaurants 14-16 & Shops Granary Tavern Opening 14 Four Green Fields Patio Burren Pub Concerts BITA Pubs & Restaurants 15 BITA Shopping 16 Travel News 17-19 BITA Travel Restaurant Week Boston Tourism Conference at Big E National Parks at Faneuil Hall Books & Authors 20 Boston Walking Tours 21 Kennedy Tour Boston Irish Heritage Trail Tour Ireland 22-23 Jump Into Ireland Galway Arts Festival Tours to Ireland Gilmore’s World Peace Jubilee 24 In Boston Boston Irish Tourism Association One Adams Street, Milton, MA 02186 617 696-9880 B ITA t The Boston Irish Tourism Association is a membership organization that promotes the state’s Irish culture and hospitality industry year round to the travel and visitors industry. BITA works to strengthen tourism ties between Massachusetts, Ireland, Canada and the other New England states. C Publisher: Michael P. Quinlin Project Director: Colette M. Quinlin Graphic Designer: Diane Russell Printing: Paul Tangusso & staff, Universal Millennium Distribution: Paul Feeney ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Specials thanks to our sponsors, advertisers and members for supporting the Boston Irish Tourism Association (BITA) since 2000. Thanks especially to those who helped with this issue, including: Orla Carey, Mick Walsh, Betsy Wall, Pat Moscaritolo, Sue Cronin , Kamilla Carmignani, Diane Dinunzio, David O’Donnell, Jim Rooney, Mia Tavan, Tom McNaught, Lee Statham, Rachel Day, Jo Dowling, Melissa Farrington, Jean Clancy, Celtic Thunder, Sylvia Cunha, Dave Ritchie, Andrea Ferreira, Russell Gusetti, Peter Langmore, Howard Turkenkopf, Mary McTigue, Louise O’Shea, Seamus Mulligan, Tommy McCarthy, Paul Wilson, Colin Breen, Brian O’Donovan, Benjy Kantor, Matt Smith, Adam Klein, Mary McCarthy and the Harney School of Irish Dance; Harold Grifn, Paul Fahey, Gwen O’Sullivan, Andrea Wright, Séamus Connolly, Heather Connor, Emer Flounders, Langan Kingsley, James Redfearn, Sandra Goroff and Jessica Butler. Merci Beaucoup, Devin. IMAGE CREDITS Cover image courtesy of MOTT by Michel Setboun. Natalie Haas by Dave Grifn: 1; Cirque de Soleil - Totem: 1, 12; Restaurant Week: 1, 18; Tourism Ireland: 1, 14, 17 by Jane Morrice, 23 by Brian Morrison; MOTT: 2; BITA: 2, 16; Caroline Kennedy courtesy Zineb Curran, Boston Red Sox; 3, 10; Sergio O’Connor, Melissa McCarthy and Liam Harney: 3; Gaelic Storm, Runa: 4; Enter the Haggis: 5; Riverdance, BAO Pavilion: 6; Paul Brady & Brian O’Donovan: 7; Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas: 8; Conan O’Brien by Tom Fitzsimmons, Kennedy Library Foundation: 9; Seaport Hotel: 10; John F. Kennedy by Robert Knudsen, Lori McKenna, Keith Lockhart and Boston Pops by Stu Rosner: 12; James Taylor, Lúnasa, Ronan Tynan, Celtic Thunder: 13; Granary Tavern: 14; Tamo Bar, Seaport Hotel: 15; Big E by John Elder Robison, Faneuil Hall: 18; James Michael Curley statue: 21; Galway Arts Festival: 22; The Tall Ships Races 2012 Dublin Event: 23; Coliseum Jubilee image courtesy of Michael Cummings: 24.

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