working together

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Working together One dark Monday morning, I woke up to the ruckus sound of my alarm clock; I walked down stairs and eat my breakfast, afterwards I got dressed. I walked swiftly to the bus stop and waited patiently for the bus. When I arrived to school I saw my crush standing alone. He said “hey Kayla” I was really surprised that he was talking to me, so I turned around with confusion as if he couldn’t be talking to me. I replied with a friendly smile. Later that day I had science class with him and our teacher assigned a partnered project. I wanted to know if he would work with me, but I didn’t think he would want to. I walked to his desk with confidence that he would say yes, I said “Are you working with anyone?” “Would you like to work with me?” he replied. My heart was pounding. I didn’t know what to say except yes of course. From then on we have been best friends. Theme In the book “Who let the ghost out” there are several themes. However the theme from my story that stood out the most to me was never give your hopes up. Max Doyle is a typical teen who loves doing magic, but everyone keeps telling him he can’t and he will never be good at anything. Max decides that he going to prove everyone wrong by competing the schools talent show. Max has this crush on a really popular girl at his school and he wants to ask her to be his music assistant in the show, but he’s too shy to speak to her.

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