Elk 'Tales to Tell' Catalog

November 24, 2014  |  By  | 

elk summer 14/15 We are by nature a curious bunch. We like to know the story behind a product. Where it is made, how it is made and what inspired the design. This collection celebrates our curiosity. It binds our passion and inspirations into a strong range of saturated summer colours. Each element of the collection forms a chapter. We take ideas from architecture, art and the world around us and let materials influence outcomes. Each tattoo on our model’s arms has a story, the house we shot the collection in is a bold translation of the architect’s story and the prints on our garments have their own message - in short we see more than just what is on the surface. We see what lies beneath and let the stories complete the picture. Herein lies our next tale. A tale of colour, style and bold statements. The Elk team x

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