141007 Pitchbook Barometer_24 October

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NO PEACE WITHOUT WOMEN’S PARTICIPATION  Today, 1,5 billion people are living without security. Women often experience insecurity more acutely because of gender inequality.  Women’s interests are insufficiently represented in peace processes and women make up only 8% of the participants in formal peace talks.  Policy makers lack data about the actual security situation experienced by women on the ground and therefore policies poorly reflect women’s security concerns.  Our purpose is to support local women in generating an evidence base about their security. This is used to promote action and policy change at all levels in order to bring about real changes in the lives of women and their communities. 1. OUR PURPOSE © Cordaid “ Women experience insecurity in every aspect of their daily lives. We have been victimised and silenced by conflict. We live in fear. If only we could break our silence and voice our concerns, then maybe we could make the authorities take notice of our plight. ” Mary Beth Sanate, Women in Governance Manipur, India

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