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Pa e 2 © www.TheRenegadeClub.com Weakness #2: Social Media Mishaps . I’ve never been a huge fan of social media. But, it’s a weakness and I started working on it in 2014. Little by little I am getting better results and more comfortable with it. I still believe there are other options that give you better return for the same amount of time invested, but have multiple streams of marketing initiatives is a GOOD thing! 3) Test all kinds of marketing - ESPECIALLY the ones you think aren’t ‘for you’. As I mentioned, social media is one I wasn’t too keen on - but I have warmed up to it and see where it is a fit. I also see far too many people ignoring other marketing assets they have at their disposal. They have blinders on - and they put everything into social media only. Ignoring the results - and focusing on the shiny promises being pitched online. It costs them huge! Another type of product/business I thought ‘wasn’t for me’ turned out to be a MAJOR win for my health and my wealth this past year. Why? Because I ignored my ego - educated myself on what DID work for others - and modelled that. Reaping the rewards the whole way. (NOTE: I also tested an unusual approach to lead generation for one of my business lines, and - voila - 56 leads overnigh t! The best part? The publication I advertised in comes out every 2 weeks, and has a total subscriber base of… 63,000 people! LOTS of room to continue this ad campaign - for months and years to come!) 4) Content is still king… 12 years later! I spoke with a guy in South Africa late in ’14 and asked him where he heard of me. I was in awe as he told me about a search he did in Google for a specific thing (related to a very prominent marketing guru that you would know of)…and my name/site was #3 on Google for that search! From an article I wrote… 12 years ago :) That is the power of solid content! 5) Watch and learn from others - especially from others in completely unrelated businesses and industries! As you probably know, I’ve been advocating the use of story-based marketing for many years now (before it was the ‘in’ thing to talk about.

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