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Dhruv Kakkar

Published on November 29, 2014

VALUE BASED QUESTIONS IN CHEMISTRY FOR CLASS - XII Scuba divers when come towards the surface, the pressure gradually de- creases resulting in the released of dissolved gases leading to formation of bubbles of nitrogen gas in the blood which blocks the capillaries and thus harmful kinds are created. To avoid bends and toxic effects of high concn of nitrogen gas, the air is diluted with helium. After reading the above passage, answer the following questions. i)Why is the harmful condition of bends overcome by the use of helium. ii)Which law is used to calculate the concentration of gases in solution. iii)Mention the value associated with providing divers air diluted with helium. (2)Ram takes a open pan to cook vegetables at a hill station while shyam cook the same vegetables in a pressure cooker at the same place. (a)Explain with reason who will cook vegetable faster. (b)Mention the reason for the delay in cooking. (c)Which value is learnt by the student in the process of cooking food in the pressure cooker. (3)Piston A Piston B a)Name the process observed when pressure on solution side is more than osmotic pressure. (b)Write main use of this process. (c)Mention the values associated with the above process. (4)Reena planted neem tree in school premisses and Meena planted Neem tree in marshy land near railway line. FRESH WATER SEA WATER SPM B > ^

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