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The Palace Heist


Published on November 30, 2014

 After running for days trying not to get caught, the servant had nally arrived to Inushima . He had heard stories of growth and opportunity there . Although the people of Inushima had endured hardships, it wasn’t to the degree of Rashomon . He arrived to the city with hope, a kimono, and the clothes on his back . In a place like this, he knew that he would be able to make enough to survive . He sold the kimono and was a little shocked with the outcome : he’d only made ten dollars . He thought for sure that he could at least get twenty or thirty . This would be enough to keep him from starving for a while but he needed some place to sleep and keep warm . He had began walking around the city hoping that a solution to his situation would come to him . The servant circled the park three times before he noticed the elegant palace that sat at the heart of the city . He observed people walking in and out of the palace, so he proceeded to enter . Soon as he stepped in, he was lled with awe . The servant had never seen so much elegance and beauty in one place before .