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Published on December 1, 2014

Part I. Introduction I am interested in Digital Media Arts/Videography because all my life I have made videos, whether they be comedy, music videos, or creative videos, and that is what makes me most happy. This career in itself can be many things; videography includes filming, editing, and directing. What I want to do with making/editing videos is to capture life events, inspirational testimonies, and traveling. My main goal in shooting for this career is to hopefully one day be able to go to Honduras or some place where I can take videos of what is happening there and bring it back to the United Sates to share and get others involved in missions or movements. I am looking not so much for a huge paycheck at the end of the month, but to inspire and get others to love and acknowledge what is really going on in this world. This career fits my personality because I have grown up very creative, imaginative, and in love with traveling and missions. The specific skills you need for videography are few, but they hold a huge part in making the videos come to life. You need imagination, an eye for good lighting/backgrounds, good equipment and editing systems, and a passion for whatever moment you're capturing. The strengths I have in this area are definitely the fact that I have been making videos for a long time, and also have been on 3 missions trips to Honduras, which is my home away from home. The only weaknesses or obstacles I have in this area is that I do not have a ton of money, so as of now I am saving up for a nicer camera in order to make my videos more professional. My long-term goals in this career are to potentially move to Honduras for a summer and be a missionary who is also the videographer of the trips, but before I can afford that I plan to do smaller events such as weddings, engagements, summer camps, event videos, etc. Although I know this career will not