The new age of music

November 27, 2014  |  By  | 

This weekend we go to talk about one of the most important and popular bands of one metal sub- genre: “Eluveitie”. Before we stark to talk about ELUVEITIE we need specify ¿What is the FOLK METAL genre? The Folk Metal it’s a genre burned for the combination with Heavy Metal and Folk music created in 1990, this genre has the singularity of combine the popular music instruments of metal such as electric guitar, battery, electric bass and the use of “guttural” voice with flute, Bagpipes, three-holed flute, bodhrán and harp. Eluveitie born in Switzerland, especially in Winterthur. This band was created for Chrigel Glanzmann in 2012, his idea for their new project emerged for the love for the Celtic culture, his first project self-funded see the light in 2002 and the metal fans buy all the available copies and then Chrigel decide continue his project and after four years Eluveitie launched for sale his first disco graphic album called SPIRIT. The principal lyrics of eluveitie talk about Celtic histories, Celtic wars and Celtic culture.

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