Elliott and Associates Corporate Advisory Tips and Review Europe

November 27, 2014  |  By  | 

Doing home loans isn't a simple process. Some customers aren't in a position to borrow money; some loan applications will need extra work with the lender to get them over the line. Be open and transparent about this with the client up front as it will work in your favour every time. If things don't go well, then your clients understood this from the start; if they do go smoothly, then you look great in their eyes because you solved the problem for them. 5. Regular communication I've left the most important to last. When I read our customer service feedback surveys, the one message that our clients value the most is our regular communication. We all know what's going on when we deal with the property purchasing and lending process, but you can't lose sight of the fact that clients don't do this every day. Keeping in touch with them as much as possible – even if there is nothing new to tell them – makes them realise you are on top of things and you are working hard for them.

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