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Annual Impact Report2014

Lynne Gadd-Claxton

Published on December 1, 2014

The Unity in Africa Foundaon focuses spe- cically on supporng a range of educaon - related projects, from early childhood devel- opment through to terary educaon. We work with carefully selected, credible part- ners in non - governmental (NGOs) and educa- on instuons. The UinA Foundaon has specic experse in socio - economic development (SED) and by managing corporate SED funding, acts as a conduit between corporate South Africa and beneciary organisaons. Invesng through the UinA Foundaon ena- ble business to focus on their core acvies, while the Foundaon focuses on idenfying credible projects for social investment, moni- toring and evaluang to ensure meaningful impact of funding and transparent nancial reporng, and regular feedback to donors. The Foundaon has chosen to focus on edu- caon because we believe that improving the educaon is the key to lasng socio - economic transformaon in South Africa through smulang economic acvity and employment, developing acve and responsi- ble cizens, and addressing social ills such as poverty, crime and disease. Educaon is the living force for the future. A good educaon can lay the foundaon for the future of South Africa to make good deci- sions through crical thinking and live bal- anced and producve lives. The UinA Foundaon has a parcular focus on developing future social entrepreneurs who will drive social innovaon and transfor- maon through their business acumen and leadership skills. Studies show that parents who have aended school and re- ceived an educaon take care that their own children get an educaon too. A person who sends a child to school paves the way out of poverty for genera- ons to come. ABOUT US UinA volunteers from NMMU clocked 6053 hours of service to the community in 2014 UinA projects Ensuring a posive and sustainable social and economic impact 2