Prophetess Maxine Hopkins

Prophetess Maxine Hopkins

Can a divorced woman save marriages? Jesus asked me through the Holy Ghost, if a doctor was sick, do that mean he can't practice medicine? I said no Lord. He said althoughI am a divorced woman, that don't mean I can't speak about marriages; for it was the losing of two marriages , that gave God the plan to give me the revelation to the mystery of marriage. This is not for my glory, but for His glory, to show how He takes the foolish things of this world to confound those who think they are wise.

Now that we have gotten the questions out of the way, smile. My name is Maxine, I am called to be a Prophetess of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I wrote this book under the unction, and leading of the Holy Ghost. Nothing was gotten from any place but the inspiration of God as he lead me to write. This ebook comes to move you out of darkness and into the light of the way that Kingdom relationships operate.

I speak to married couples, newly weds, small groups, and churches, via Teleconference lines and seminars entitled: DIVORCED 2 SAVE MARRIAGES! Kingdom Relationship Teaching Seminars These teleconferences and seminars will reveal the mystery of marriage based on the revelation God has given to me.

The Lord comes in my fleshly tabernacle to teach you and bless you by turning you from the err of your way to his way of becoming one with you spouse. In these seminars, God has sent me to heal the broken in your heart and to bind up every wound per Psalms 147:3.

Please if you would like for me to come and speak to your relationships in your ministry or small group, just call me at 706.306.6124 or vist my email at:

All booking requires is the following:


Also that you bless the ministry of spiritual things given to you, with a natural blessing, or a monetary blessing to make it possible to continue travelling and saving marriages to continue to bring glory to God
I am Divorced2Save Marriages in Jesus Name. AMEN