PSY 350 Week 1 Final Project Topic Selection

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PSY 350 Week 1 Final Project Topic Selection For more classes visit Final Project Topic Selection. Select a psychological disorder that you would like to study utilizing a biopsychological approach. For the Final Project, you will provide a detailed discussion of the psychological disorder that you select this week. While you may refer to other areas of psychology, the Final Project must focus on the biopsychological causes and treatment approaches for this disorder. You must utilize current research in this area to evaluate the major biopsychological theories about this disorder. Your research should also be used to discuss possible effective biopsychological approaches to treatment that incorporate the biopsychological causes of the disorder. Select a disorder from the following list: a. Schizophrenia b. Depression c. Anxiety d. Substance Abuse (should focus on a single drug of your choice) e. Autism f. Neurological disorders g. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

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