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cop career

eduardo rivas

Published on December 1, 2014

know I did an outstanding job for humanity. I want to know I changed people’s lives in a good way and helped out society when we were needed. Part II: Career description and requirements 1.Where will you receive your education or training? I plan on receiving my education at Lonestar and after my 2 years are completed I want to transfer to Sam Houston. I’m also hopping while I’m at Lonestar I c an work as a cop or something that will help the police force. 2.What are the requirements to get into the school / college to receive training? I’m already in the college I need to be in to receive basic proper training but Sam Houston requires 67 hours of class time completed as well as the courses I need to take. 3.How much does it cost to attend per semester? Per year? Lonestar for 2 years will cost me about $2,500 for all the classes I am required to take and Sam Houston’s estimated cost is about $20,000 and that’s if I don’t live in a dorm. 4.What will you major in? Minor in? I will major in criminal justice. 5.Does your career require additional schooling? No you just need the required hours or courses etc. completed. 6.What are the three related fields that a re similar to the career you’re interested in? Security guard – They patrol someone or some event, place and make sure everything is safe. Loss prevention – If somebody or something is lost they make sure that it is prevented at all costs.