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Lesson Plan (Activity Plan) Matt Sobolewski iPads in Education


Published on November 30, 2014

Goals and Objective(s) of the Lesson: 1. Participation in directed reading instruction 2. Evidence comprehension through directed cut and paste activity as assigned 3. Utilize iPad technology through direct instruction 4. Communicate main idea of text as appropriate for each learner Prerequisite Skill(s) Needed: -Pre-primer reading level/Primer reading level (by group) -Fine motor skill for tracing/cut/paste/typing activity (or assisted motor skills as appropriate) -Picture icon or color discrimination as assigned per learner -Use of a communication system as appropriate for each learner How will you teach students the objectives identified above. (List step-by-step description of the lesson)  Introduction: (how students will be introduced to the goals and what is expected of them) 1. Review main holidays by month (Halloween/October, Thanksgiving/November) 2. ntroduce “ecember” as new month of the year students verbalize or utilize C device. 3. Picture icons of holidays of December (Hannukkah, Christmas, Quaanza) . eveal “This is Christmas” ULS unit lesson story on ctivboard 5. List lesson outline, single word format if possible: (1. Listen 2. Read 3. Cut and paste 4. iPad with teacher 5. video 6. finished) 6. Words to look for (core vocab) Christmas, Santa Claus, holiday, lights, sing  Main activity: (how the teacher will facilitate the learning experience) 1 . Teacher reads aloud with follow “This is Christmas” ULS text on Active board 2. Teacher facilitates student use of iPad to take turns via speak page function student read of text. (Utilize “your turn” icon as needed) 3. Teacher assigns learning groups and area for individualized learning cut and paste activity: --A group (back table): Nick/Andi/Isaac (use carousel for Nick) 1. Cut out core vocab words from worksheet 2. Teacher reads question 3. Student picks correct word to complete phrase (RL.35.1c) 4. Teacher opens Notes app on iPad 5. Teacher and student utilize Notes to make a short “list” for for Santa from given list of options (2-3 items) (ECON.35.2c) 6. Save list in Notes --B group (front table): Ben/Santon/Kara 1. Teacher facilitates student opening “Educreations” app on iPad 2. Students view/interact with brief “Tree by color/shape” whiteboard demo (can repeat if requested) 3. Teacher presents Tree by color/shape match-and-build activity 4. Student matches correct shape by color, completes tree from model 5. Teacher uses color page on iPad to quiz learner on two basic colors 6. Teacher/student utilize picture menu to create short list ECON.35.2c 6. IF NEEDED: Students utilize iPad QR code reader that takes them to additional “Christmas” primer -level story from