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Bury Group 1 Adult Case Study 1 (2)

Nursing Theory One

Published on November 28, 2014

Bury Group 1 Child Health case study 2 3 Bury Group 1 Child Health case study 2 2 Bury Group 1 Child Health case study 2 Challenges of a family-centered approach from a nurse perspective The health care may have to change in order to meet the families needs Education and skills surrounding family-centered care will be necessary in order to support the nurse in supporting every member of the family’s needs In order for this method of care to work effectively the nurse will need access to flexible guidelines such as times and appropriate settings, as well as on-going support and participation from the family There may be disagreements amongst family members and practitioners, as parents can often feel guilt and upset. The nurse will need to feel confident in dealing with different peoples coping methods and advising family members on the importance of working together to support Vicky The presence of family can sometimes be a barrier to communication and Vicky may feel unable to express any concerns so nurses will need to be aware of this and ensure that the best method is being used to support both the family and Vicky’s care needs. The Nurses Role- Family-centered care 1