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ECO 370 Week 5 DQ 1


Published on January 25, 2016

For more course tutorials visit Week 5 As you know, we do not have discussion questions in Week 5 so you can focus on your assignments. But you are still need to gain participate points this week by posting this forum. I have following topics that you can discuss. Feel free to post any topics that you find interesting. 1. Regarding global environmental policies, why do you think Kyoto Protocol failed? 2. With the shifting of manufacturing to developing countries, their environments have been polluted. Do you think it is fair, what can countries like U.S. do to help? 3. Regarding the debate around global warming, are those based on science? Why or why not? 4. Practices in everyday life that we can do to help environment 5. What knowledge you can take from this class to apply to your work? 6. Any other topic you find interesting?

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