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ECO 561 Week 5 Knowledge Check


Published on January 25, 2016

For more course tutorials visit 1. The Classical Theory of Asset Prices assumes which of the following ideas? 2. Economists use two principle interest rates: normal and real. The purpose of this distinction is to 3. During periods of incresing inflationary pressure, the Federal Reserve should 4. What is the increased morak hazard associated wuth the too big to fall (TBTF) ballouts of the largest of financial institutions? 5. The Federal Reserve’s primary tool for managing the money flow is 6. Which of the following is a major drawback of a flexible exchange rate? 7. The major advantage to a flexible exchange-rate policy is 8. ------------------------------suggests that a country will engage in trade and produces that it can produce at a lower-oppurtunity cost than a competing nation 9. Absolute advantage encourages a country to 10. The------------------------------------Explains that long-run trends in exchange rates are based on a predictable relationship between product price levels and exchange rates.

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