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of his life and memories were coming like when he was beat up by a bully and then he smacked him back on his nose or when he had his first cookie. But the one he remembered the most was his mom because she potty-trained him, gave him cookies and let him go to North Carolina State for college. All the men had to let the woman and children go first so he had to wait. Finally he just jumped onto one of the boats the the woman and children were one and he survived the drowning of the Titanic. The boats were rowing and Carl was safe but he was feeling what he had for dinner, the chicken and cookies. He threw up out of the boat and he lost six pounds but he also had pneumonia. He got back safely and went to his mom and said “ I HATE BOATS, I ALMOST DIED, LET`S GO ON A PLANE”. Carl Christopher made a lot of achievements in his life like meeting Bill Russell but he died in plane crash in 1992 at 102 years of age, but he had an amazing life.  

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