The Marvel that is China

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weathered watchtower faces, grabbing the chance to embed their mark in the history of this magnicent site. This location is worlds away from my experience in Beijing. hobby Shopping with the Locals! Squeezing in my rst shopping expedition before the day is done, I visit the Pearl Market, a name that conjured thoughts of luxury and extravagance. The experience was quite contrary when entering the 4-story building depicting just another Asian market selling everything from clothes to souvenirs as cheap as your wits are sharp. Like every traveler, I’m always looking for something unique to take home for me. In this cluttered market of disorganized little shops, I found one bottle portraying the iconic panda painted on the outside, which was  interned within a second bottle. Its creation was a puzzle, and I had to have it. The vendor was advantaged as he saw my fascination, and beckoned me like a Maneki-neko cat. The battle for the price commenced and ended with me paying 50% of his asking. The deal was too quick, so I knew I probably paid too much. As I gained experience, my wits did  sharpen; I was getting vendors down to 20% of the novice tourist price. AviewofaGreatWallfromoneofthewatchtowers. Bottlewithinabottle.Whatacool souvenir! Colorfulpaintingssuchasthisabound inthemarket. Illuminati ThePearlMarketindowntownBeijingispopularwithforeigntourists.

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