Career project 2

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Part I: Introduction I am currently interested in becoming a registered nurse. As a registered nurse (RN), I would be providing direct care to patients, while working as part of a health care team. The duties I will have as an RN may be very broad and deal with a full range of lifespan care. When considering my career choice, I thought about my skills and interests. I believe this career would be perfect for me because my personality type is known as “ the nurturer, ” which means I am naturally prone to take care of people. To be an RN, you must be compassionate, patient, calm under pressure, have good communication skills, and many more other skills. I believe that I, myself, have many of these skills, including being a little too self-invested which could end up hurting me in some situations because I very easily grow to love people and I could end up having a hard time letting go if necessary. One of my goals after becoming an RN, would be to get my BSN.