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2 My name is Celina. I am 8 years old, and I live at Tinbeerwah. My favourite author is: C.S. Lewis. Book: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe Characters : Lucy, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Aslan. Lucy is the lilest, and she found a magical wardrobe. Edmund is the second youngest, and is always geng himself into trouble. Susan, the se- cond oldest, is just like a normal kid. Peter is the oldest and is always respecul. Aslan is a magical lion. Lucy found a wardrobe, but not just any wardrobe, a magical one. She was whisked away to a magical land and she met a fawn, Tumnus. When she came back she told Peter, Edmund and Susan all about it. They thought she was crazy, but soon they all went, and met a wicked witch and a lion. Lucy and Susan one night crept out of bed and followed Aslan, who was up to something … but what? My favourite part was when Susan and Lucy creep out of their hole (that they slept in) and follow Aslan. (Somehow they know that he is up to some- thing.) So they ask if they can go with him. He says ’yes’ but only if they stop when he tells them to. They say ‘yes’ but they want to know what he is up to, so they watch what’s happening from a bush. If I could play a character in this book. it would be Lucy because she is adventurous and she goes to the wardrobe rst. 5 stars My name is Willow. I am 9 years old. I live at Kin Kin. My favourite authors are Erin Hunter & Adam Blade The book that hooked me was: Ash Rover: keeper of the phoenix , by Aleesah Darlison The main characters are: Ash – a boy who wants to prove himself Taine and Rhyll – twin boy and girl who are friends with Ash. Gwaam – the Phoenix chick that is always hungry. What happens: Ash and his friends need to protect Gwaam and defeat Wizard Zardock to save their family and village. They have to get past Wizard Zardock’s obstacles all in seven days. My favourite part was - all of it, especially when Gwaam talked. If I could play one of the characters in this book. it would be Gwaam, because he is funny and he is powerful and good. 5 stars My name is Jemma and I am 8 years old. I live at Pomona My favourite author is: Enid Blyton My book rave is for: Dork diaries pop star , by Rachel Renee Russell Main characters: Mackenzie Hollister, a bully; Nikki Max- well, a kind girl; Brandon, Nikki’s crush; Chloe and Zoe, Nik- ki’s best friends; Nikki’s mum and dad, two crazy parents, and Brianna, Nikki’s annoying lile sister. What happens: Nikki’s school is holding a talent show. At the last minute, Nikki puts a band together. But when Nikki sees Mackenzie in the talent show, she feels that she can’t win it. Or can she? My favourite part was when Nikki put together her band. If I could play a character in this book. it would be Nikki Maxwell, because she is kind, funny and has the cutest crush and best BFFs ever. 5 stars ARE YOU A FAN OF THE DORK DIARIES? Would you like to win your own copy to keep? Register for the Summer Reading Club at your local library and go into the draw to win great book prizes. More cool competitions are on the website: www.summerreadingclub.org.a u SUMMER OF ADVENTURE — MORE COOL READS More new series from Lemony Snicket. A mystery to keep you guessing — and laughing as you grap- ple with all the wrong questions! PSST: Do you know Lemony Snicket’s real name? Andy and Terry’s brilliant creation. Have you built your summer tree house yet? BOOK RAVES BY OUR READERS —THAT’S YOU!

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