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Who we are LifeCare Europe was founded in 2005 and since then, over 100.000 people said YES to our Bio opportunity, we sold over 15 million organic products with organic ingredients and organic certifications, and had over 1 million packages delivered to our online and offline buyers. These continually increasing figures convinced us even more about the importance of promoting an active lifestyle, caring for one’s health and well-being. The partners who have helped us achieve these figures, and continue to do so, have formed a true community, nurtured by the idea of everyone’s right to have access to organic products at affordable prices. What will you find in our e-shop? LifeCare Europe’s portfolio includes around 100 different organic products, covering the different needs of people who understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. You will find most of them on our website, under a few brands which have already gained a reputation of their own, such as: Kräuter©, Life Impulse©, Meal Balance©, Biotissima©, Coffee for Life Ganoderma© and BioHAUS©. Our products are meant for the entire family, since they include: -Organic care products for women, men and children -Natural therapeutic cosmetics products -Healthy foods -Organic dietary supplements -Make-up removal products -Cleaning products All our natural products follow high quality standards and are sold exclusively on the LifeCare website. They are produced in Germany, France, United States and Holland and include organic ingredients. All the products you will find in our e-shop are premium products, most of them are eco-certified and they are developed by some of the most important manufacturers of organic cosmetic products, natural dietary supplements and eco-friendly detergents in the world. Their quality is certified by independent organizations which are internationally recognized, such as ECOCERT or BDIH. Why switch to organic? Here are some of the indisputable advantages of using organic products, as opposed to the regular products you use in your home: -organic cultures are not treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. -They are processed mechanically, excluding ionic radiation. -Final products do not contain artificial coloring or synthetic preservatives, parabens or other toxic substances -These natural products have a similar or even identical structure with the human body, and our own body recognizes them as its own, assimilates them organically, with maximum of benefits. What are the benefits of using organic products every day? We are almost certain you have heard about the benefits of organic products well before your visit to LifeCare’s website. Though many people choose to buy organic products from time to time, and this is a great step for their well-being, leading a truly healthy lifestyle means more than this. To really benefit from the great advantages of using organic products and from their positive impact on our healthy, we need to be more committed. Using natural products frequently leads to a series of beneficial effects on our lifestyle and health, that we feel both immediately and in time. Whether we are referring to natural dietary supplements, organic cosmetics or eco-friendly cleaning products, all of these ensure the health of our body and mind, both in the present and the future. Here are just a few of the benefits of using organic products every day: -Your body becomes free of artificial colorings or synthetic preservatives, of parabens, pesticides, toxins etc. -You get rid of all kinds of allergies caused by some ingredients used in regular products. -You consume only products which do not contain genetically modified organisms. -You actively participate at protecting the environment. -Your body assimilated organically all these products and their benefits are maximized. Become an active member and find out more about our products.