CORAL LIGHT Catal. 2014.16

November 22, 2014  |  By  | 

WATERPROOF no superficial treatments necessary PHOTOCATALYTIC degradation ability harmful agents tested with method UNI 11259 DEGRADES POLLUTANTS less 17 ppm x n hexano in the air ANTIBACTERIAL ability to complete elimination of bacteria from surface PAINTABLE customization NO EXPANSION absence of cracks in the installation DUST REPULSIVE no maintenance necessary THERMAL RESISTANCE large choice of light sources WHITE SATINY SURFACE touch comfortable, velvet effect LOWEST THERMIC CONDUCTIBILITY application in accessible areas NOT TOXIC application in hospitals or in bio-architecture NOT FLAMMABLE absence of toxic smokes ANTI-ALLERGIC application in hospitals or in bio-architecture HIGH RESISTANCE TO TEM- PERATURE SHOCKS installation in multiple purpose conditions ABSENCE OF CHEMICAL REACTIVITY use in public surroundings (hospitals, spa) HARDNESS high cut hardness UV RESISTANT permanent RESISTANT TO SALT ENVIRONMENTS safe to install in high salt content en- vironments MECHANICAL RESISTANCE TO BENDING bending strength ≥ 55 N/mm² compressive strength ≥ 140 N/mm² RESISTANT TO CHLORINE ENVIRONMENTS safe to install in high chlorine content en- vironments ABRASION RESISTANCE sprinkling ability ≤ 7 g/mq PAINTABLE surface safely retains paint finishes FROST RESISTANCE insensitive to exfoliation due to freezing and thawing WEATHER RESISTANCE porosity to water ≤ 2% EXTRA THIN HI-TECH SURFACE high mechanical strength SCRATCH RESISTANT high resistance to scratching even to metal implements VANDAL RESISTANT high resistance to acts of vandalism 7 gera l. ar k i l igh t@ g m ai l. co m www . ar k i l igh

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