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Part 6 Identify what steps you will take each year to reach your career. I am attending college to get my Associates of Applied Science in business Administration. I will also be taking with some of the people I know that are currently in or have been in the position I am going for. What does your life look like in five years? I have an excellent paying job that does not require me to work weekends or holidays. I will own my own home and be mostly if not completely debt free and I will be able to give my daughter the life she deserves. What are your personal, educational, family, and travel goals? I want to be financially stable. I will finish school in the next 2 years and obtain a good job that can give me the schedule and stability that I want. My daughter and I will be able to travel more. Take little weekend getaways, go camping or to the beach for a couple of days without it breaking the bank. Where do you plan on living? My plan is to live right where I am. The only exception will be that I own my own home instead of just renting.