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Super Anchor Safety Super Anchor Safety Without question, falls represent one of the most serious hazards that workers are exposed to during the construction process. Falls are also one of the most challenging to guard against. Super Anchor Safety provides solutions that are easy to use and cost effective. Fall protection is an important part of job site safety and it starts with the Super Anchor Connection . During construction many trades will be exposed to falls: Framers and roofers, HVAC and siding installers, plumbers, masons, and gutter hangers, to mention a few. By utilizing our anchorage systems and personal fall protection equipment, all of these trades can be protected against the industries’ number one hazard: Falls from elevated work areas. Our ARS series of stainless steel roof anchors are the industry standard in residential construction and are designed as a permanent fixture that provides fall protection during and after the construction process. Attached to the top chord using a single factory supplied bolt, the ARS is available in two sizes that fit all standard wood framing members, 2x4 through 2x12. You can choose from several flashing bases and stem covers to provide a waterproof penetration for all types of roofing materials. For additional applications, Super Anchor Safety offers a wide range of specialty anchorage devices that easily attach to I-Joists, Z-Purlins, and wall top plates. We also offer moveable, re-useable, Retro-Fit (for existing structures) , disposable anchors, tie-off straps, framing spacers, top plate mounted guard rails, and custom anchors to fit virtually every application found in residential and commercial construction. In addition, we also manufacture a complete line of personal fall protection equipment under the “ Fall Arrestor ® ” trademark, making Super Anchor Safety your single source for a fully engineered component-compatible system. Addressing the challenges of solving fall protection problems and meeting the educational needs of our users, Super Anchor Safety provides the most extensive instruction and specification manuals in the industry! With constant updates, our website, superanchor.com is a veritable bottomless pit (over 150 pages) of fall protection technical and how-to information available free of charge. Many of our primary manuals are available in Spanish, too. Even if you’re using other manufacturers’ equipment, you need to visit this site. What makes Super Anchor Safety your number one choice? With over 25 years in the construction industry we have the knowledge and experience to solve your fall protection problems. Take a look at our complete line of fall protection equipment and make the Super Anchor Connection ! Call us at 425.488.8868 or e-mail our sales department at paull@superanchor.com for any information you need. Fall Protection Solutions for Wood Framed Construction The durability of webbing products to withstand normal everyday use and hold up under extreme force is directly related to the quality of the stitching that holds it together. Our state-of-the-art automated equipment ensures that each and every stitch is accurately sewn. ▼ 2 Quality Assurance Super Anchor Safety has designed special testing procedures to closely duplicate circumstances that would normally be encountered in the field under normal and adverse conditions. Our products are tested to comply with OSHA, U.S. Dept. of Labor, and ANSI Standards, as well as individual state require- ments such as California and Washington. All hardware, lanyards, and D-Ring components are proof tested to meet such standards, and each product we manufacture goes through several visual inspections before it is packaged. Any unused, defective product will be replaced at no charge by returning it to our facility in Woodinville, Washington or our nearest distributor.

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