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November 23, 2014  |  By  | 

Without it, decision making is based on best guesses, gut instinct and wishful thinking. You find yourself relying on the experience of a few ‘old hands’, and that’s no way to run a business. When your business is fuel, where margins are tiny and prices change constantly, you need information that’s accurate, relevant and up to date. What’s your current stock? Which tank is leaking? How much did you make on that sale? When should you buy, today or tomorrow? Imagine having the answers, not at the end of the month, or at the end of the week, but right now, at the end of your fingertips. Information like that could give your business the edge. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one filling station or hundreds of them. It doesn’t matter what kit you use or where your sites are located. FuelStation is a web-based, fuel management system that gives you the answers when and wherever you need them. Log-in on site or access remotely, it’s up to you. It’s secure, interactive and very easy to use with a bright, graphical interface that your team will love. They’ll be better informed, so you’ll be better informed. And, armed with the facts and figures, you’ll be making wise decisions. That’s not all though: the amount you do with FuelStation is up to you. This tool is scalable, developed and designed to meet your needs by the experts at Fairbanks. We’re globally recognised leaders in fuel management. We’re trusted by fuel suppliers in over thirty countries to give them the facts they need to run their business. It’s an old phrase, but it’s still true: Information is power. Bob Conlin Managing Director Fairbanks

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