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Alfreda Polite

Published on December 3, 2014

STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: It is my hope that all of my students enter my class attentive and eager to learn. However, this goal can only be accomplished if the classroom environment is orderly and structured. I ex- pect my students to be active participants in creating such an environment. My Expectations are as follows:  Come to class prepared with course materials  Work quietly, and raise your hand for questions or assistance  Be actively engaged during the “Q&A” instructional session  Respect your fellow classmates at all times  Respect and handle lab equipment with care  Obey DMS and Henry County School rules and procedures as outlined in the HCS Student Handbook PROCEDURES, RULES, & CONSEQUENCES... PROCEDURES: defined as the way our class is conducted…  Class Entrance: Go straight to your assigned seat  Class Warm-up: Immediately log-on to your computer and begin your warm-up activity  Class Work Period: Work quietly and productively on your daily assignment  Class Ending: Gather your materials, log-off your workstation and wait for dismissal directives  Class Dismissal: You will be dismissed from class by rows or by sections RULES: defined as how we behave and treat one another so learning can take place, please remember broken rules have consequences…  Be Respectful to your Teacher (me) and your classmates at all times  Be on Time and Prepared for class. RULES CONT.  No Disruptive or Disrespectful Behavior/Language it will not be tolerated and will result in a SPIKE or OFFICE REFERRAL  No Web Browsing or Game Play without permission  No ROAMING (remain in your seat, unless given permission to leave it)  No gum, candy, food, drinks, etc. are allowed in the lab CONSEQUENCES/DISCIPLINE POLICY: : A ny infraction of the classroom rules will result in the following disciplinary actions. 2014-20145 Spike Consequences 1 st offense- Silent lunch and parent contact (email, text, or phone) 2 nd offense – Full day of In-team Detention/parent contact 3 rd offense- Parent Conference (phone or face-to-face) DOCUMENTED 4 th offense- Office Referral ** Students may also be In- teamed during the Connections’ class period for extremely disruptive behavior** **If a student is In-teamed and disrupts the In-teamed classroom they will receive an Office Referral** I’m on the web!! Contact me via email or access my teacher Web Page, and Infinite Campus to keep track of your child’s progress... I’ve reviewed my child’s syllabus and understand the course requirements as well as Mrs. Oatts Expectations, Rules & Consequences. Parent Signature:__________________________________________ Contact Number:__________________________________________ Student Name:___________________________________________