MGT 450 Week 4 Quiz

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For more course tutorials visit 1. Question : The reasons why a company opts to expand outside its home market include 2. Question : One of the biggest strategic challenges to competing in the international arena include 3. Question : The advantages of using a licensing strategy to participate in foreign markets include 4. Question : The advantages of using a franchising strategy to pursue opportunities in foreign markets include 5. Question : The drawbacks of a localized multicountry strategy include 6. Question : Dispersing the performance of value chain activities to many different countries rather than concentrating them in a few country locations tends to be advantageous 7. Question : One of the suggested advantages of an unrelated diversification strategy is that it 8. Question : The procedure for evaluating the pluses and minuses of a diversified company’s strategy includes 9. Question : As a rule, all the industries represented in a diversified company’s business portfolio should be judged on such attractiveness factors as 10. Question : A “cash hog” type of business

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