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Uncompromising quality at a reasonable price is the philosophy here at Metrohm. This stands not only for the initial cost of our instruments but also for the total cost of ownership . The company is 100 % owned by the Metrohm foundation since 1982. This means stability for our ustomers, and enables more investment into R&D, innovation and support of social, cultural and educational projects. Metrohm- the most exible, reliable, and easy to use ion chromatography system ever. A Professional IC from Metrohm not only assures a robust and reliable IC, it also guarantees low ownership costs ove the lifetime of the instrument. 941 Eluent Production Module (EPM) The 941 EPM enables the automatic production of an eluent by dilution of an eluent stock using Metrohm’s Dosino technology . • Eluent stocks can be prepared by users • No need to buy expensive cartridges • Can be used with all types of eluent, not limited to single component eluents • Guarantees stable retention times and therefore result accuracy Suppression - Anions Chemical suppression – The Metrohm Suppressor Module (MSM) is offered with a 10 year warranty. • Nearest competitor offers a 90 day warranty, replacements are in the region of ~£900 • Signicant cost savings over the lifetime of the instrument • Excellent signal to noise ratio and sensitivity Suppression – Cations With Metrohm IC instruments, no cation suppressor is required. This is due to the superior design and efciency of the Metrohm iPump and iDetector . • Simple system setup • No replacement costs • Freeing up time and budget

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