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the door. Im not sure of what is going on but I hide quickly in one of the stalls in the bathroom. The screams continue on for what seems like a century then stops and a dead silence comes about. This was my chance to try and escape. I quietly creep out into the hall, keeping a close eye on my surroundings to watch out for any danger that might come about. “Please! Please help me! I need someone to help me!” a girl pleads as she runs up to me, gasping for air. I dont know what is going on but I notice her whole left side of her shirt is soaked in blood and the sight of it makes me almost faint. “What happened?! Your bleeding!! Whats going on?!” I question the poor girl as she wraps around my waist to help support herself. She’s about to answer me when we hear shouts coming from down the hall and the running of footsteps. Without thinking I lift her onto my back and carry her into a dark empty classroom and shut the door as quietly as I can. “Oh my go -- ” the girl starts to say but i quickly cover her mouth to keep her quiet. We see a group of kids run by the classroom and wait a moment for them to pass. “Okay, I think they’re gone,” I say relieved but I’m quick to question her again, “ now tell me what is going on!!”. She wipes the tears away from her face and begins to explain, “ Well, I was just sitting in the library reading my book and suddenly some kid comes running in shouting and the next thing I knew I was shot in the side and everyone around me was laying still on the ground.” She starts crying, “They were dead werent they?!”, she sobs some more and its hard to understand her. “They didn’t deserve this… They were just like me, young, a whole life ahead of them, and within one instant... it was all over!” She can’t stop crying and I'm too frozen with fear and sadness to comfort her. “I’ve gotta go,” I say panicked, “ I’ve gotta find help for you.”. She looks at me with a concerned face and says, “No! You can’t go out there! You’ll get shot, they’re not afraid to kill you!”. “I don’t care, I have to do something! I can’t just sit here and watch you blee d to death! If I die, at least I died trying, trying to save another life,” I say sounding like something you would hear in a movie, “keep pressure on that wound and I will be back for you in just a little while, stay put and don't move!". It's quiet, too quiet. It went from a war zone to a graveyard within a minute. I zip down the hall to the library. I figured if anyone else survived in there I could help them as well. I take cautious steps as I tiptoe into, what was, the danger zone. At first all I see is knocked over tables and shelves with books scattered all over the ground. Then I saw it. I feel as though I’m about to be sick and collapse to the ground. There in front of me, were some of my fellow classmates and other poor souls laying still on the ground. I

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