Roxanne Lopez career explorationdwef

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Part I. Introduction I am very interested in going into Real-estate as a Real-estate Broker and being a realtor I have been for a while now. Being a broker takes a lot of hard work and dedication you have to make sure that you’re bringing in the clients and helping the buyers buy and the sellers sell. I would say one of the things that I’m looking forward to in this business apart from the money are the different people that I’m going to meet and the different places I’m going to see and most important the places this is going to take me in life. I think this carrier will be a good fit for mr because I have a strong personality I’m a go getter and I’m a very ambitious person I take pride in everything that I’m a people pleaser and I’m a very out spoken person. One of the specific skills that I can bring is that I’m a very strong minded person and it ta kes a lot to break me down I’m very competitive and when I set my mind I don’t stop until I get what I want. I would say that when it comes to this career my weakness would be that I will get so caught up in what I do that I won’t have time for my family and other things, but also my strength is that I’m willing to be fully committed to this job and give it my all. My long term goals for this career is to work harder every single day and be more successful than I was the day before and just keep moving on up.

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