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We suffered from intraocular pressure inside my eyes. Doctor approved me bimatoprost, I bought this Latisse over here buy generic bimatoprost eye drops at cheap price, prices are comparatively low in this pharmacy. So can you try it. Bimatoprost was in the beginning employed by ophthalmologists in treating glaucoma, which is an eye disorder brought on by increased intraocular pressure. They attempted to use a prostaglandin derivative to prevent the severe outcomes of untreated glaucoma, which may bring about optic lack of damage and eventually cause blindness. Bimatoprost works by effectively decreasing the pressure inside the eyes, therefore relieving glaucoma symptoms. On the other hand, doctors have observed that some patients treated with bimatoprost after some time developed much longer and darker eyelashes, which increased their physical appearance, particularly if the patients were women. This led medical researchers to elaborate an ophthalmic solution that is made up of 0. 03% bimatoprost to be specifically used for growing eyelashes in people with thin and brief eyelashes, which is actually called Latisse.