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Italy During the Invasion of Sicily

Skyler Barr

Published on December 4, 2014

SPACE Magazine September 4th, 1943 The summer of 1943 has been a trying time for the country that we live in and love. The Allied forces invaded Sicily and our government sniffed defeat and caused the outing of Benito Mussolini on July, 25th. On September 3rd, the Allied troops invaded our country, and on September 8th we surrendered. Today is September 9th, and we are a country that does not know what to do from here. We know we are freed from this war if we want to be, we can just let the Allied forces continue to push up the rest of Italy and get us our country back, but then what is our country to us if we don’t even fight for it. Benito Mussolini has failed us, he promised us an empire, instead we don’t even have our own country anymore. We had longed for the Roman Empire that our ancestors had lived in, the empire that was the greatest of it’s time, the empire that conquered the great Ancient Greece. We were too caught up in our dream for this empire to realize that we weren’t even close to the strongest military on the Mediterranean, this hard truth hit us when Germany had to rescue us from Greece, a country which we were being defeated badly. If we couldn’t even defeat Greece how were we expected to beat France, England and the rest of the Countries where our old empires land laid. Mussolini destined us for defeat, and defeat was delivered to us. Today on September 9th we have been handed the southern part of our country back and we have to decide what to do with this opportunity. Do we fight with the Allies and help take back our own country, or do we just sit and hope that the Allies win the rest of Italy and give the land back to us. We need capture our country back, we need to fight with the Allies, and conquer our country back. Mussolini didn’t give us a military superpower like he promised, and he didn’t give us an empire like he promised, but why should that keep us down. We are a great country that has hit hard times. We are a great country full of some of the greatest people in the world. HItler has promised his people a world full of the superior race, but we know that we are the superior race. We were once the rulers of the world when the world was at its greatest point. We may never return to this empire that we once had, but we still know that we are the greatest race in the world. Let us join the allies and conquer our country, starting with Rome. Once we capture Rome we will return to becoming one of the superpowers of the world, and no one can stop us from there. We will be more powerful than Germany, Britain, and America, no country in the world would be able to stop us, but let us capture our capital back first. Once we capture Rome the rest of Italy will come, and then the rest of the world if we want, because we can do whatever we believe that we can do. Italy is still ours as long as we choose to fight with the allies, so let us chose the allied side and fight. We have nothing to lose, so let us win our country back, for it is ours.