Selina Naturally, Home of the Celtic Sea Salt Brand

Selina Naturally, Home of the Celtic Sea Salt Brand


Selina Naturally® offers a wide range of resources for optimal well-being and is the trusted source for organic, gluten-free, raw and vegan foods. We specialize in selling all natural goods, gourmet products, vitamins and herbs, Earth-friendly bath and beauty products, recipes, books and media.

With the confusing array of health food fads and supplements in the marketplace today; we seek out the best healthy foods and supplements to make it easier for you and your family to make the right choices. Our product lines are thoroughly researched and hand picked with integrity and positive intention from our advisory board and customers' input.

Selina Naturally® started as the 'Grain & Salt Society' in 1976 by founder Jacques Delangre, Ph.D. Jacques spoke several languages and planted the seed of global sourcing for the company's vision. Jacques also founded our staple product, the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand. Selina Naturally® is continuing Jacques' vision by researching and bringing cutting edge super foods and tools to get results. We also have our 'Grain of Salt' newsletter, founded in 1995 -- which we will soon be bringing back to print due to popular demand.