Gili Air project 2222

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The Good Goods Basically everything in Gili air comes from the main island Lombok, so why not just go to Lombok, I mean it is the bigger and better version right? Wrong, absolutely wrong. Gili Air might be smaller but it is defiantly better. Gili Air has none of the traffic, noise, or transportation problems that you will find in Lombok. “ I like the feeling of Gili air, its sensual, I don’t have to worry about stuff, In Lombok I feel more business needs to be done, here I just go out to the beach get a few drinks and enjoy my day” – says Christina, a young women with a happy look and joyful tone who is my tour guide. As I continue my paradise-like trip I find new “friends” that only come for a moment and then disappear forever, “friends” who are either the people who helped me get around or people who took my order at the restaurant. I get involved in new fun that I see in images and sense the jealousy firing up in me to be that person in the fine water with the fishes or that person in the party with no care and just having fun. And finally, I get to be that person on that big advertisement for a relaxing day in the spa, or the peaceful time in yoga, and breathing in greenness while taking a jog or a bike ride. And my favorite, just laying by the crystal clear water and sand so soft that it feels like I’m falling into a bed of feathers. The Inside Story When is a good time to come to Gili Air? The weather here is not predictable because of global warming. The locals say the wet seasons are usually during October, December, November, and the rest is all dry. As I explore more of this Island, me and a group of friends go to see the mayor. He is and old man named Subut and can barely speak English. I ask him- “Where can I find some cultural traditions?” “The junior high school and our traditional dish called Nasi Goreng” - he replies. Subut talks about how there are performances performed by locals in the school and how they tell a story. He also describes to me what Nasi goreng is but I already know, it is basically fried rice with fish, vegetable, chicken and seafood. I wish I could witness the traditional performances because this old man seemed to have no idea what he was saying half the time but I continued on asking more questions. “What sorts of people do you find here?” “Mostly German, French, Korean and Chinese”- he replies again. It seemed the more questions I and my friends asked him, the more answers he ran out of so we decided to leave. We went back to the blue marine dive resort. Oh! I totally forgot to talk about this! If you are looking for spending time at the beach then don’t miss out on the diving. At Blue Marine center, you can take a 3-day course and get your PADI certificate! The water is clear blue and is filled with amazing sites of coral, fishes, turtles, sea urchins, stingrays, and sharks! If you do dive, don’t forget to visit turtle heaven and shark reef, I will never regret it! Don’t Miss Out! Gili Air is stacked up with everything you need for the perfect escape for either a relaxing holiday or a fun weekend with your buddies. Come to Gili Air and experience the feeling Hakuna Matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days! Love at first sight?

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