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Published on December 2, 2014

2 | Aspectos fundamentales del Patinaje Artístico Freestyle Artistic Roller Skating Techniques Author and General Coordinator: B.A. José Luis Ferreiro With the collaboration of: Silvana Cisneros Publishing Design and Art Direction: Patricia Escanden Illustrations: Damián Soriano Proofreader: María Luz Merani Translators: Marina Bono Graciana Argiró Vanina Golman Thanks to the following institutions: Confederación Argentina de Patin [Argentinian Skating Confederation] for supporting the development and growth of our sport, and San Lorenzo de Almagro Club and Villa Estruga Club for allowing the use of their premises. Thanks to physical trainers and biomechanics experts: Gustavo Represas Juan Carlos Silva Kely Tatare And Physics Professor: Patricia Laura Sánchez English professor: Alejandra Sanchez Thanks to coaches: César Agrelo Laura Cecere Pablo Cejas Maria Alejandra Ferreiro Eugenia Luzardo Luis Pérez Carlos Soltys Maribel Tobio Thanks to Gustavo Aguilera for the translation of the Foreword from Italian to Spanish. A special thanks to coach lara Martelli, who encouraged the writing of this book and contributed all her invaluable experience in teaching to it.