Bauble Bar Inspiration

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Questionnaire: Who are your style icons? - I love Jane Birkin, Audrey Hepburn, Sienna Miller, and the character Carrie Bradshaw. What is your signature look? I’m very much a jeans and a T and boots kind of girl when I’m not working. In the summer though I love a great mini dress I can wear everyday and just change shoes and accessories. How would you describe your style? (both every day and Red Carpet) - Red carpet: I am open to trying new colors and cuts. I think of it as getting to do a new character for every event but while staying true to what I love. I mostly do dresses for events. Who are your favorite designers for each? - For everyday I like Topshop, Iro, Rag and Bone, Free People, Elkin, Isabel Marant. For red carpet I like Jenny Packham, Chanel, Cushnie et ochs, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney. What are your favorite types of jewelry to wear on a daily basis? - I always wear studs (I have 3 piercings) but have been getting into hoops. I always have a necklace on. Usually only wear rose gold but am loving mixing metals these days. I wear rings. I like stacking. I also love vintage rings. My fingers are small so thats all that fits me. I like wearing jewelry with hearts on it or charms. I love accents that make it feel special and one of a kind. What types of jewelry do you like to wear on the red carpet? - I love wearing interesting earrings! Colored stones on earrings I’ve been very into the past year. Bangles and cuffs are also really fun for red carpet. Who are your favorite jewelry designers? - I love Pamela Love, Jennifer Meyer, Fourteen Karats, Erica Weiner. What are your favorite trends for fall? - Buying a single special earring instead of a set. Do you like delicate or statement jewelry? - I prefer delicate. What is your must-have jewelry trend? - A body chain and a great pair of thin gold hoops. I also love my ‘E’ stud I just bought. What types of metal do you like on jewelry (shiny gold, antique gold, silver, rose gold, hematite)? - Rose gold and gold but I’m open to mixing silver and gold lately. What other materials and stones do you like on jewelry? - I like stones on jewelry….leather can be interesting too sometimes. What colors do you really like right now? What color combinations? - This is tough…I like red a lot. I like black and white obviously. I’m into navy blue right now. For summer I’m loving a bright redish/orange and yellow! We would love to create special packaging for your jewelry that ties to some interests of yours. What are some of your hobbies or interests? (i.e. photography, surfing, reading, etc...) - I love reading. I love the beach. I love traveling. My middle name is Rose so I wanted to do a rose piece of jewelry. I’m from LA and I love the image of a palm tree so something with that would be cool! Anything else you would love for us to know? - Here are my ideas so far…. 1. Hoop earrings (not large) in the shape of upside down ‘lucky’ horseshoe OR an earring cuff in the shape of an upside down ‘lucky’ horseshoe. 2. Cuff bracelet with moon phases on it. I sent a picture in my inspiration picture folder. 3. Thin gold body chain with a palm tree at the center where it hits your chest. Can wear with a bikini, under a T-shirt or over a T-shirt. 4. I know this is a stretch as far as jewelry BUT I would love to do a belt thats a chain that has a teeny purse on it or an iPhone case. Could be fun and different. 5. A ring that has a rose on it and the stem of the rose wraps around your finger. 6. A smaller, fake ring pop. Something colorful that reminds me of being a kid. 7. A newer take on the 90’s choker everyone used to wear. Doing ours in a sparkly clear color or even pink and blue! 8. Lastly, I love astrology and I think that would be something cool to incorporate into the line.

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