WWMD Project

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Introduction Dear Principal Johnson, My name is Cassius Tycoon, chief consultant and owner of Empire of Tycoon Enterprises. The Empire, as it is commonly referred to, is a critically acclaimed and globally recognized consulting firm. The founding principles of the Empire are “Authority. Control. Dominance.” These principles are the summary of our philosophy, which is that in order to succeed in a position of power one must always gain authority through wicked means, control everyone who serves through fear, and attain dominance over the competition. This philosophy is why Empire of Tycoon Enterprises is a force to be reckoned with. It has been brought to my attention Principal Johnson that your school Willow Falls Middle has been massively underperforming on standardized tests. In addition, Willow Falls has been on the “needs improvement” list for schools three years in a row and you are on the brink of losing your job. You Mr. Johnson are in a crisis situation. Well, that is okay because crisis situations are what the Empire of Tycoon Enterprises handles best. Why should you listen to my advice? When you learn of my credentials, you will understand why you can’t afford not to. I Cassius Tycoon graduated top of my class from Harvard University, majoring in Machiavellian studies. I then later received my Masters degree in business administration from Princeton University in 2002. Since earning those I have started the Empire and consulted around 3,000 people with a 97% success rate. I have advised many CEOs and celebrities over the years such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Taylor Swift, and Neil De Grasse Tyson. As you can see all of my credentials are in order. Mr. Johnson, I know with the help of this guide on how to take your middle school to the next level that Willow Falls will be off of the “needs improvement” list in three steps , because it contains priceless information on how to structure a school based on Machiavellian principles. Sincerely, Cassius Tycoon