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Sport in focus: Gymnascs: Year 6 P.E Lesson Review by Anya Year 4. My report is on my Tag Rugby P.E Lesson with Coach Jack. In my P.E Lesson we learned how to pass, hold and box the ball. Aer we played stuck in the mud, The catchers had rugby balls and had to tag us with the ball, but only on the upper body. Aer we played a game where everyone had two tags and we had to pull o each others tags. Aer we had a recap on how to hold the ball. A fun lesson! Interview with a teacher : Interviewee: Miss Goodman Interviewer: Sophie 5G What’s your favourite sport? Rugby Why is it your favourite sport? I like that it’s a team sport, you have to work hard and it’s played all over the world. Who is your favourite player? Trevor Linden (Ice Hockey Player) What is your favourite team? Vancouver Canucks What is your favourite sport to watch? Ice Hockey Local Sports Club links: Harrow School of Gymnascs , 186 Christchurch Avenue, Harrow , Middlesex HA3 5BD 02084275611 harrowgymnas Harrow St Mary’s Cricket Club, HSM Cricket Ground, Oak Tree Court, Headstone Lane, Mid- dlesex HA2 6NF 07984844430 (Lesley) Harrow Trampoline Club, Harrow Leisure Centre, Christchurch Avenue, Wealdstone, Harrow, Mid- dlesex, HA3 5BD 02089015980 Northwood Gymnascs Club, St Helen’s School, 75 Green Lane, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1AF Sarah 07856720400 Sports Dates for your diary: January 19th Indoor Cricket Year s 5 & 6 at Whitmore. January 21st, Indoor Athlecs Years 5 & 6 at Whitmore January 28th, Indoor Athlecs Year s 3 & 4 at Whitmore February 12th, Gymnascs Borough Championships. Years 3 & 4 at Norbury

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