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Exhibition view – „I AM LOOKING FOR A HUMAN”, 2014 „I AM LOOKING FOR A HUMAN” - Solo exhibition INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART – DUNAÚJVÁROS , 2014 Diogenes the antique philosopher used to run on the sunshiny streets with a lamp screeming „I am looking for a human!” The visitors of the exhibition at the Institue of Contemporary Art in Dunaújváros do not have an easy task to find a human, either. A number of signs refer to the nearness of the ones who assign a geometrical form to an ideology, or moralize with an imaginary tale creating a whole story from it – so of those whom the philosopher walked past with a steady face. But the only thing that can be stated about the man hiding in the world of mechanical flowers opening as ex-symbols and animal figures free from the ballas t of edification, is that he has an excellent sense of humour.

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