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Financial Partners Network assists emerging companies raise the capital required to implement their business strategy. The Partners have helped our client companies successfully achieve their financial objectives and corporate goals since 1992. Our clients have raised over $1 billion in securities offerings in which we provided consulting, marketing, and advertising services. The competition for emerging companies to raise money is fierce. The Financial Partners Network (FPN) staff are seasoned executives from Fortune 100 companies. We know what it takes to raise capital in today’s financial markets. Potential investors are flooded with business opportunities. Their attention span is limited. You need to have a compelling story and a delivery that quickly conveys why this opportunity is better than the other places to put their capital. FPN creates the collateral materials that prospective investors expect. Well researched and professionally prepared materials encourage the investor to want to learn more. Our consulting, marketing, and advertising services produce results. Connecting Innovative Emerging Companies With Accredited Investors  Advice on Strategic Focus  Financial Plan, Structure, and Terms  On - Line Digital Advertising to Accredited Investors  Website Platform to include: Client Landing Page with: Video Registration Form Offering Teaser Client Home Page with: Offering Summary Term sheet Business Plan Slide Deck Confidentiality Agreement Subscription Agreement  Complete Media Electronic Interface to Angel Networks and Accredited Investor Funds pursuant to Rule 506 (c)  Fully integrated with Social Media Objectives for our Corporate Clients

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