Benchmarking Data and Surveys

Brandon Mills

Published on August 13, 2014

WELCOME 2013 HEALTH PLAN DESIGN BENCHMARK SUMMARY | 2 The Zywave Health Plan Design Benchmark Report is based consistently on data from nearly 50,000 employers and 70,000 plans. The report offers benchmarking information on six key plan design measures:  Individual out-of-pocket maximum  Individual deductible  Emergency room copay  Coinsurance  Office visit copay  Prescription drug deductible To help employers compare their plan design offerings against similar organizations and plans, we’ve broken down the data by region, group size, industry and plan type for each plan design measure above. This is a summary document analyzing the data set as a whole and comparing against previous years’ data. To view a report of how your specific plan design measures up in your region and industry, talk to your broker.