2015 Service Brochure

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PROFESSIONAL EDITING SERVICES Writing a manuscript is no small task. You’ve invested hours of your time, quite possibly equating to weeks, months, or years of your time. You are anxious to get that manuscript out to agents and publishing houses ready to share it with the world. Don’t let that excitement be your biggest hurtle for a book deal. The best way to waste all the time you put into your manuscript is to try to save time trying to get it out to the world. Many people put “Write a book.” on their annual resoltion list, but never quite get around to it. Then that dream either fades away to never become realized, or it gets started then pushed into a drawer and forgotten about. By opening this brochure, you have already gotten farther than the vast majority of hopefuls. You deserve to give your manuscript, and all the time you invested into it, the best possible chance at publication. At the very least, you should want to know what its merits are. These services are for those with a completed manuscript that want to know, “Is my manuscript ready for submission? Would someone publish this?” Aren’t you ready to find out? $400 Many evaluations offered are no more than merely paid book re- views. The critique I offer is a re- port of 3,000 words that takes an in depth look at your plot, character development, style, readership, marketability, and more. No red ink. Manuscript Critique Those of you who have taken my blog workshop or have been through the workshop I co-host, you’ll find that your query is the outfit you wear to the interview. I can help you find a style that matches your personality and your manuscript. Heavy red ink. Query Review & Edit $100 Twitter pitch parties are an exciting, new way to find a home for you manuscript. Whether you’re trying to court an agent or an acquisitions editor, you want to be sure your pitch sets the proper expectations. Let a wordsmith beat it into submission. Red ink. Pitch Critique & Revise $40 By investing in a full read and evaluation of your manuscript, along with query and pitch preperation, you ensure that you are setting up the right expec- tations and forward progression through the submissions process. Heavy red ink. FromPitchToPublished $450 You deserve it. 01 For service inquiries, send an email to wordsmith@JessicaSchmeidler.com. Subject Line: Service Inquiry JUST WHAT YOU NEED, NOTHING YOU DON’T. SPECIAL SAVINGS CODE 101: REFER ONE FRIEND FOR MY EDITORIAL SERVICES AND RECEIVE 10% OFF OF YOUR NEXT SERVICE ORDER. NO LIMIT. Client referals are the best thank you. “SPOT ON!” The Write Shadow

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